Project on Intergenerational Trauma, History, Memory


I teach courses at masters level and Ph.D. level on trauma, with a particular focus on intergenerational trauma and its consequences. For a bibliography on the consequences of intergenerational trauma on adults, and on societies, please click here, and for a bibliography of the effects of trauma on children, please click here. In my own writings, as indicated in the “My recent writings” section of  this website, I have written about the consequences of interngenerational trauma among Aboriginal Australians; the consequence of post-Apartheid trauma in South Africa, and the lingering effects of The Great Hunger of the 1840s in Ireland on the Irish psyche.

For details of a new book that I am developing in the area of intergenerational trauma, history, memory please click on the “Book Project; Trauma, History Memory” tab, and for further information on the Irish Famine project please click on the “Irish Famine Trauma” tab, both in this section of the website.


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