Current Ph.D. and Psy.D. Student Profiles


Please click on the individual name tabs for biographies of students currently in my Ph.D. research group.

Titles of dissertations and dates completed  for all graduates of my Ph.D. research group.


Current students [Date admitted]:

Chloe Civin [2020]

Jadwiga Cutrone [2019]

Elan Cohen [2018]

Renata de Assis [2020]

Killian Folse [2017]

D. Kendall Greer [2021]

Jonela Kolasi [2021}

Mila Kirstie Kulsa [2019]

Veronica Ozog [2016]

Mariam Rahman [2018]

Breanna Vizlakh [2019]

Essosinam  Ward [2017]

Eliza Wierzbinska [2016]

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