Book Series

Currently I am an editor of one book series and a co-editor of a second book series. Both book series are published by Lexington Books, a division of Rowman & Littlefield publishers in Lanham, MD, USA.

The first book series, for which I am the sole editor, is Psychoanalytic Interventions: Clinical, Social, and Cultural Contexts, and the flyer for this series offers a statement of purpose,  details of the international editorial advisory board, and requirements for submitting proposals for monographs or edited volumes.

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Currently, the following books are under contract or published in this books series:

Mendelsohn, R. (2017). A Three-factor Model of Couple Psychotherapy: Projective Identification, Level of Couple Object Relations, and Omnipotent Control.

Kumar, M., Dhar, A., & Mishra, A. (Eds.), (2017). Psychoanalysis from Indian terroir: Emerging Themes in Culture, Family and Childhood.

Brown, M. & Charles, M. (2019). Women & Psychosis: Multidisciplinary  Perspectives.

Datema, J. & Steinkoler, M. (2019). Uncoming communities in Cinema: Revisioning War Trauma.

O’Loughlin, M., Arac-Orhun, S. & Queler, M. (2019). Lives Interrupted: An Analysis of Life Narratives of Persons with Chronic Psychiatric Struggles

Brown, M. & Charles, M. (2019). Women and the Psychosocial Construction of Madness.

Gaztambide, D. (2019). A Psychoanalysis for Liberation: Rethinking Social Justice in the Clinic, Classroom, and Community.

Trotter, A. (2019). Psychoanalysis’ Edge: An Inquiry into Psychoanalysis as a Subversive Phenomenon.

Stopford, A. (2019). Violence, Segregation, and Resistance: A Psychosocial Study of Trauma and Economic Injustice in Four American Locations.

Soria Escalante, H. & Charles, M. (2019). Dancing around the void: Psychoanalysis, femininity and loss

Haq, S. (Under contract).  In Search of Return—Mourning the Disappearances in Kashmir.

Dillon, J. (Under contract). Silent Return: Legacy of Stalinist Deportations in the Narratives of Lithuanian Women.

Matijasevic, J. (Under contract). The Borderline Culture: Intensity, Jouissance, and Death

The second book series, for which I serve as co-editor with Dr. Awad Ibrahim, [University of Ottawa], Dr. Gabrielle Ivinson [Manchester Metropolitan University], and Dr. Marek Tesar [University of Auckland] is entitled CRITICAL CHILDHOOD & YOUTH STUDIES: Theoretical Explorations and interventions in clinical, educational, social and cultural settings. 

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Books published in this series:

Stearns, C. (2019). Affect in the Classroom: A Psychoanalytic and Cultural Exploration of Social Emotional Learning

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