Book Series


Psychoanalytic Interventions: Clinical, Social, and Cultural Contexts

Series Editor: Michael O’Loughlin, Adelphi University

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

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Psychoanalytic Interventions is a scholarly and professional series that seeks to explicate the power of psychoanalysis as a theoretical field and as a clinical and applied field in addressing pressing individual, community, societal and global issues. The series seeks to develop new thinking both within psychoanalytic theory, and in allied fields such as anthropology, history, postcolonial studies, and  race, class & gender studies, addressing the theoretical bases of issues such as conflict, migrations, inequality, entry into language and culture, difference, ideology, subjectivity, memory, psychiatric suffering, physical and symbolic violence, power, structures of participation, and the origins, workings and future of psychoanalysis itself. In terms of clinical, applied, and activist interventions, the series seeks to problematize and illustrate the workings of psychoanalytic interventions to address human subjectivity and possibility within the discursive frames within which lives are lived, illustrating how individual and group analysis, community work, and social activism informed by liberatory psychoanalytic principles enhance the possibilities of human freedom, or, at a minimum, address the challenges of living fully and developing communitarian structures within increasingly globalized market-driven societies.



John Adlam, Consultant Psychotherapist, Bethlem Hospital, UK

Ricardo Ainslie, University of Texas at Austin, USA

Ana Archangelo, UNICAMP, University of Campinas, Brazil

Claude Barbre, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, USA

Deborah Britzman, Psychoanalyst & Distinguished Research Professor, York University, Canada,

Marilyn Charles, Austen Riggs Center, USA

Sudhir Kakar, Writer & Psychoanalyst, Goa, India

Ingo Lambrecht, Manawanui Oranga Hinengaro Services: Auckland, N.Z.

Lynne Layton,  Co-editor, Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society; Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis & Harvard Medical School

Luis Martin Cabrera University of California, San Diego, USA

Alex Moore, University of London, UK

Joseph Newirth, Adelphi University, USA

Cora Smith, Johannesburg Hospital, South Africa

Silvia Silberman, Schechter Institute, Jerusalem , Israel

Tod Sloan, Lewis and Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling, USA

Reinhold Stipsits, University of Vienna, Austria       

Annie Stopford, University of Western Sydney, Australia

Peter Taubman, Brooklyn College, City University of New York, USA

Ross Truscott, Duke University. USA

Kirkland Vaughans, Adelphi University, USA

Angie Voela, University of East London, UK

Valerie Walkerdine, Cardiff University, UK

Brent Willock, Toronto Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis, Canada

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