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This page is designed to accompany the book, And we forgave them: Stories from the struggle against apartheid in Venda,  South Africa. by Lillian Muofhe and Rt Rev. Ndanganeni Peter Phaswana. The book has been edited by psychoanalyst Michael O’Loughlin who wrote an introductory chapter situating the stories in the context of historical trauma and the importance of recuperating memory. The book contains a Preface by distinguished South African journalist Mathatha Tsedu, and an Afterword by theologian Andrea Fröchtling. The books was published by University of South Africa Press  [UNISA]  in Pretoria, South Africa in June 2018. Here is a link to the front and back cover: W1dcZj5IVJhrKdj9JRQ9mTEjCmTq/preview

Enquiries to buy this book title may be made to and if you wish to order a review copy, please provide information on your review channel (limited copies are available). A direct link to the book on UNISA’s webpage will be posted here shortly. Michael O’Loughlin welcomes correspondence and may be contacted at:

Rt Rev, Ndanganeni Peter Phaswana, coauthor of this book,  has been bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa [ELCSA]  since February 2000. Details of his biography and of the work of ELCSA may be found here:

Rev. Phaswana prepared a brief recording outlining the background to And we forgave them, and exploring issues of memory and forgiveness. You may listen to the recording here:

Dr. Lillian Tendani Muofhe, prior to her return to South Africa, was professor of education in the U.S., and most recently she was a colleague of mine at Adelphi University, New York. Lillian’s husband, Tshifiwa Muofhe,  was murdered by the apartheid regime in Niovember, 1981. A contemproaneous U.S. account of that event. from the Washington Post,  may be read here:

Here is a South African account of his death

In 2012,  a plaque dedicated to Tshifiwa Muofhe was placed outside the cell where his body was dumped. Details here:

The Limpopo Mirror  offers this description of a 2012 memorial to Tshifiwa Muofhe:

Tshifiwa received an honoerary doctorate from the University of Venda. Details on limopoponline here:

An audio recording of Mulanga Muofhe [pictured above] accepting the honorary doctorate on behalf of her father is here:

Sadly, Dr. Lillian Muofhe was laid to rest on May 14, 2022. An obituary may be read here:

Finally, excerpts from the  Introduction  by Michael O’Loughlin on how the book came to be, on the role of silence in perpetuating trauma, on critical memory, and on the importance of moral witness, are on the following audio files:

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