Areas of Research Inquiry

Students interested in intergenerational trauma; psychosis and psychiatric rights issues; social justice; psychoanalysis and social change; refugee issues; radical and critical subjectivity; totalitarianism;  or issues in child therapy and child trauma are welcome. Students can develop projects in their areas of interests or work on facets of my existing research projects. Emphasis is exclusively on qualitiative research, and second-year projects are included in this work. Students may also do entirely theoretical dissertations.  Opportunities for presentations at professional conferences available to all participating students.


My students and I currently pursue inquiry into…

  • Intergenerational and collective trauma
  • Clinical aspects of psychic experience
  • Psychiatric rights and psychosocial understandings of psychic distress
  • Indigenous and alternative modes of psychic healing
  • Cultural and other forms of difference and their impact on psychic life and trauma treatment
  • Origins of, subjective experience of, and therapeutic strategies for psychoses and severe psychic distress
  • Child trauma and child psychotherapy
  • Psychoanalysis and politics
  • Psychoanalysis, ideology, culture & society
  • Postpartum depression
  • Decoloniality applied to psychoanalysis
  • Decoloniality applied to childhood

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