My Current Scholarly Interests


Asylum and refugee issues: Effects on children and families

Relationship between psychoanalysis and social and political theory

Genocide, war, collective trauma and historical memory from psychodynamic perspectives

Teaching to the unconscious

Intergenerational and collective trauma

Trauma and Ireland’s Great Hunger

Trauma and indigenous peoples: Consequences of Stolen Generations, Residential Schools etc.

Consequences of trauma for indigenous and other historically marginalized groups

Social and historical bases of psychiatric disorders

Life stories of persons designated with psychiatric disorders

Therapeutic strategies for persons with psychiatric disorders

Issues in child psychotherapy

The nature of child subjectivity

Child rights, and child and family refugee issues

Inquiry into the formation of subjectivity, focusing particularly on psychoanalytic understandings of racial formation, and the sociopolitical and intrapsychic causes of racial hatred

Inquiry into the relationship between ideology, language, culture, and individual subject formation

Possibility of radical subjectivity and risks of totalitarianism

Possibilities of schools as caring, reparative communities

Postcolonial theory

Bakhtinian theory

Lacanian theory

Critical media studies

Education and social justice

Preparation of teachers and psychologists for urban communities that are poor and ethnically diverse


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