A note on Coronavirus


Dear Patients,

As you are aware, social contact is a major source of transmission of the coronavirus, COVID-19. Adelphi University, where I work, along with  most other universities in New York State, has switched to online instruction to increase social distance and cut down the risks of transmisssion. Schools and other workplaces are moving in this direction also.
Having consulted with a physician who works on the front lines of the infection, I have decided to temporarily switch to a more distanced form of therapy. Beginning this Friday, March 13, I will not see any patients in person until the contagion risk has subsided
I will be available on the usual schedule for therapy either by phone or by video conference. For those using phone, please arrange to call me either on my office line at 516 414 4438, or on my cellphone at 516 996 5216.
To participate by  video you will need either a smartphone, tablet, or computer that is internet connected. I am using a hipaa approved version of Zoom, a system that is similar to Skype, but that is approved for confidential communications such as therapy. To participate, you do not need to purchase or sign up for Zoom. There is no additional cost to you. All you need do is to click on a link that I will provide at the appointed time and we will be able to meet for your usual session.

This system will work easily for adolescent and adult patients. For child patients, likely I will conduct parent consultations and shorter sessions as needed
I apologize for this huge inconvenience, but my desire is to protect all of us, and help prevent the spread of COVID-19 throughout our community. I appreciate your cooperation and please do not hesitate to call, text or email me with questions or concerns.
Again, this process will apply to all sessions starting Friday, March 13.

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